About me

My name is Sarah, i'm 16 and i live in Northern Italy. 
When i began applying myself in photography, i was 13. A young girl with a little camera, trying to capture beauty in every little thing.
With time i started to search for a specific kind of photography, i wanted to find my own style.
My biggest passion are portraits. Capturing every little shadow of human's beauty, trying to make who's looking through my photos imagine a story, to look over the simply overview of the image.
Not every photos i shoot are made with an inside meaning of it, that's not my biggest inspiration, and even if i would love to create a magic for every shot i take, for me is really difficult to formulate my ideas in concrete things. So, i hope people will try to see in some of my photos their own meaning.

In this blog i will share with you my work, my passion, my inspiration and my life. You will find mostly portraits and travel diaries! I hope you'll like my photos and if you want, you can follow me on my Facebook Page and like it or fav my favorite photos on Flickr!
And remember, if you have some questions you can write me even in Anonymous on Ask.
But if you have more 'professional' enquiries, just send me an email clicking HERE.